Our sustainability commitment.

As a corporation, we are committed to succeeding in all sustainability dimensions. We want to foster quality of life for all the people working with us, develop a solid value chain, and become a corporate citizen that protects the environment while developing the communities where we operate.


Sustainable operations.

Sustainability concepts are integrated along with several areas of the organization, beyond production. This approach shapes our Sustainability Operational Model which includes controls and practices across all business areas. It focuses on three core concepts:

Sustainable operations.

Sustainable Projects

Review to include sustainability concepts in new projects and in those that are being changed or evaluated to improve its overall environmental, social, and financial performance. Works closely with New Projects, Commercial, Strategic Technology, and Value Proposition areas.

- Support to our suppliers and customers through sustainability questionnaires and self-assessments.


Sustainable Design and Process Performance

Focused on our products and processes’ environmental performance; supported by the Technology, Purchasing and
Production areas.

- Environmental indicators follow-up.
- Continuous improvement process support.
- Customer requested reports as Conflict Minerals, Carbon Disclosure Projects, and Material Data Systems.
- Support Purchasing area to evaluate suppliers’ environmental sustainability performance, according to Green Purchasing principles.


Social Sustainability

Together with Human Development, it guarantees proper working conditions and respect for human rights and oversees that all personnel is appreciated, developed, and engaged.

- Application of community development policies.
- Evaluation of social investment impacts.
- Support Purchasing area to evaluate suppliers’ social sustainability performance, according to Blue Purchasing principles.