— BY METALSA S.A. DE C.V.March 05, 2020


  • Leopoldo Cedillo is appointed as the new CEO of Proeza and Jorge Garza has been named as the new CEO of Metalsa.

  • The Board of Directors of Proeza approved the retirement of Enrique Zambrano Benítez as CEO of Proeza effective August 3, 2020, remaining only as Chairman of the Board.


Monterrey, Mexico, March 5, 2020 – Grupo Proeza (“Proeza” or “the Group”), an organization with global impact facing new challenges for the future, is properly preparing to ensure the stability and development of its organization and the companies that comprise it.

Proeza’s philosophy is to build a better world by developing companies that generate economic and social value, based on a solid humanistic culture. The leaders who shape our institution every day and the companies that comprise it have contributed greatly to this.

Considering the challenges of the future and to continue fulfilling our mission, we announce that after a 42-year career collaborating with us, Enrique Zambrano Benítez, announced yesterday to the Proeza Board of Directors his intention to retire as CEO of Proeza, effective August 3rd of this year. From then on, Mr. Zambrano Benítez will only hold the position of Chairman of the Board.

We deeply thank Enrique Zambrano Benítez for all his contributions to the development and growth of the Group throughout his successful career within our organization.

On the other hand, and as a result of a timely planned succession, the Board has appointed Leopoldo Cedillo Villarreal to serve as CEO of Proeza beginning on the aforementioned date.

In addition to the above, the Board has also approved the appointment of Jorge Garza Garza as the successor to Leopoldo Cedillo as CEO of Metalsa.

In this regard, in a statement to the Group's employees, Enrique Zambrano said: “For me, it has been an honor and a privilege to have served and been part of a great transformation of the Group for more than 4 decades. I am sure that the designations of Polo and Jorge, accompanied by a great team, will allow the Group to continue moving towards its vision and to better fulfill each day the purpose set since its foundation.”

"I wish Polo and Jorge the greatest success in this new stage of their professional lives and invite everyone to support them strongly and with enthusiasm."  Mr. Zambrano added.


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